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take the yuk out of pet ownership

you have a pet to fulfill your life, not to burden you with more things to do on your days off. let doctor dookie remove the dreadful pickup chore from your to-do list so you can spend more time with your pet, your family, and build lasting memories together.

what we do

your pet poops, doctor dookie picks it up as frequently as you like. simple.

call now: (251) 225-6911

why we do it

as pet owners ourselves, doctor dookie knows it takes time from our nights and weekends to clean the yard. we also know the yuk that happens when the yard isn't clean, and the dogs come in with it on their feet. yuk! doctor’s orders, clean your pet’s bathroom


simple setup

click the book now button, enter your information, schedule an available timeslot, and boom! your yard is clean. simple


superior service

we do what we do quickly, efficiently, and quietly and we will leave the place better than when we found it. promise


we provide weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, and one-time pick up for residential, commercial, multi-family, associations, and facilities with common dog areas*



We had a party and forgot to clean the yard.  A call to doctor dookie was all it took.  They showed up, cleaned up and left the place looking like a million bucks.  Thank you for saving the day!!

~Christina D




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